Pianoteknikeren doesn’t buy or sell pianos, but offers free advice and guidance when you are selling your piano or planning to buy one.

Not all pianos are the same quality. And usually quality follows the price. But especially the private market can be difficult to navigate in. Many don’t know the quality and condition of the piano they’re selling, beyond what you can see on the outside. So how do you decide a price? Is it worth DKK 5.000? Or 5?

Good advices when you’re buying:

  • The piano should be relatively flawless. Small issues can always be fixed, but if a key doesn’t work, if there’s mechanical noises, etc. it can be a sign that there has been a lack of maintenance. You might find that it needs more repairs along the way.
  • The piano must have been tuned during the last couple of years. Many pianos haven’t been tuned for several years. Besides that it can be difficult to tune again, it probably means that the seller doesn’t know anything about it.
  • Try the piano. For at least 5-10 minutes. Even though it can feel intimidating to sit and play in a strangers home, it’s important that you get a good feeling of tone and touch.
  • Get a professionel assessment. If you have any doubts about the condition of the piano, you can get an assessment from a piano technician. See below.

Good advices when you’re selling:

  • Collect as much information on the piano as you can. Brand, model, dimensions, age, last tuning, etc. An advert with many informations seems more credible and help the buyer.
  • Pictures. Good pictures. Also of the inside if possible. There are a lot of pianos for sale so it’s all about attantion.
  • Realistic price. Check what similar pianos cost. And consider how fast you want to sell.



DKK 650,-

If you find a piano and you’re not sure about the condition, you can get an assessment before you buy it. It can turn out to be a good investment if the piano doesn’t have the desired quality, as you save the cost of both the piano and transportation.

Is the location outside the Copenhagen area, there may be charged for transportation unless it happens to fit with another trip to that area.